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Our values: Learning through "monster thinking"

At Parkfield, our values to inform the way we learn - specifically, we use differently coloured monsters to teach our children the key characteristics of successful learners. You can see below what the monsters mean to them!

Red monster: resilience

"Sometimes you have problems and you feel unhappy or angry. Resilience means you don’t let unhappy experience keep you down, so you can be a bounce back kid"


"The red monster is a lovely hard working monster she keeps trying even if something is hard. I was a red monster in maths in year 4 and 3"


Green monster: resourcefulness

"Resourcefulness monster uses everything around it to achieve its goal as well as that green monster isn’t shy to ask for help"


"Resourcefulness means the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. That’s the green monster."


Orange monster: reflectiveness

"The orange monster is very good at thinking through things before she does it. This skill helps her choose what she does in her learning carefully."


"Reflectiveness means to use what you already know to help you with something new"


Yellow monster: reciprocity

"Reciprocity means to share your ideas with someone which benefits others"


"Yellow monster is kind and thoughtful for example if orange monster falls down and yellow monster sees him he will take care of him"


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